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Words To Engrave On A Wedding Ring

Ideas for wedding ring engraving and sample sayings for engraving wedding rings

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Engraving a wedding ring with words is the ultimate way to make your wedding rings personalized and unique. 

With a few special words or a saying engraved on your wedding ring, you put a piece of your personality and heart into your wedding rings.

But finding words to engrave on a wedding ring is not an easy feat.  Like the style of your wedding ring, those engraved words will be with you forever. 

There are lots of options for the words you choose, from something as simple as a name and a date to a special message that only you and your future spouse will understand.  Let your heart guide you in choosing what words to use on your wedding rings and you can't go wrong.

Sayings For Engraving Wedding Rings

Want to find the words for engraving your wedding rings the easy way?  Use someone else’s words.  No matter how you feel about your fiancé, there is probably someone who has put those feelings into words.  It’s very easy to find sayings for engraving wedding rings that will be a good fit for you and your fiancé. 

Read on and look over some sayings for engraving wedding rings.  Hopefully you’ll find the perfect words to engrave on your wedding rings.

Wedding Ring Engraving Sayings

I gave my life to you as soon as I saw you.

My love will last forever.

‘Tis you alone that sweetens life.

You are everything to me.

Kindness in giving creates love.

You are the music and fruit of life.

My love for you is deep and true.

As long as I have your love, I have everything.

Our love will never die.

Whatever I love, it is because it reminds me of you.

I was born to be yours.

My beautiful, my cherished, my adored

I live in being yours.

You are the wine and poetry of life.

I am forever glad to lead my life with you.

Yours ‘til the Sphinx winks.

I want you for always – days, years, eternities.

A million kisses.

For me, to love is to love you.

All will pass, except my passion for you.

Simple Words To Engrave On A Wedding Ring

The wedding date and the names of the bride and groom


Always and forever

Love always

My love

Never to part

Yours always, (and then your name) 

Tips For Engraving Words On A Ring

Choose your words wisely -  Since a wedding ring is only so big around, there is a limit to the amount of words that will fit on a wedding ring.  Don’t go for a saying that’s too long, use a brief to-the-point declaration of your love.

Triple check the words - Once you choose the words to engrave on a wedding ring, you typically will fill out a form at the jewelers indicating what words you want engraved.  Once you fill out the form, read it over again 3 times to check for errors.  Also give it to another person (maybe a salesperson at the jewelry store) and have them read it out to you.  This is the best way to avoid errors in your wedding ring engraving. 

Give yourself enough time -  For larger jewelry stores, wedding ring engraving may only take around an hour or so.  For smaller stores or family run jewelry businesses, the engraving may take longer.  Ask your jeweler how long engraving will take so you can build in enough time to have your engraved rings back by your wedding date.