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Inexpensive Wedding Invitations

Looking For Very Cheap Wedding Invitations That Still Look Good?

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Doing some shopping online can be one of the best ways to find inexpensive wedding invitations. If you go to several different websites to compare prices and styles, it is possible to find very cheap wedding invitations that you will like.

Once you've found your ideal wedding invitations, follow our top wedding invitation tips below for perfect wedding invitations the first time around.

Order a Sample

Make sure that what you see in the wedding invitation catalogue is really what you get.  Order a sample of the invitation so you can be confident that the size of the invitation and the color of the paper and font is exactly what you want.

Proofread Your Wording 

Before you order 300 invitations with the wrong wedding date on them, triple-check the wording that you send to the printer.  Read over your wording at least three times and ask a friend to look at it too.

Read the Fine Print 

Carefully read over your wedding invitation printing contract.  Find out exactly what is included how mistakes are handled.

Be Careful with Papers 

wedding invitation ideas, wedding invitation etiquetteIf youíre printing your own wedding invitations on an ink-jet printer, you need to use care when selecting the cardstock youíll use.  For example, itís not a good idea to use invitations with vellum on them.  An ink-jet printer will not print properly on vellum and youíll end up with a smudgy mess on your wedding invitations.


Get the Timing Right 

You should order your wedding invitations about three months in advance of your wedding date. Invitations should be mailed out roughly eight weeks before the wedding, but also take into consideration the kind of wedding youíre having.

If youíre having a smaller wedding with just close friends and family, you can send out invitations about six weeks before the wedding.  If your wedding is in an exotic location, is a destination wedding, or you have many out-of-town guests, send your wedding invitations out ten or more weeks prior to the wedding date so guests can make travel arrangements.

Anticipate with Extras

When you address your wedding invitation envelopes, you will no doubt make some mistakes. Anticipate some errors in advance by ordering some extra envelopes with your wedding invitations.  Also, when the responses start coming in, youíll get some regrets.   Extra wedding invitations will allow you to invite a few more people to your wedding that didnít quite make the original wedding guest list.  We wontí tell if you wonít!