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You may not use makeup every day, but you should definitely consider using some makeup for your wedding. When your wedding day comes, you will see lots of people that you may not have seen in a long time and you'll also have several photographs taken. And, if you're like most brides, you want to look your best on your wedding day.

Because you want to feel and look beautiful for your wedding, you'll want to use some makeup but you don't want to overdo it. Aim for a natural, romantic look and you'll have a beautiful look for your wedding.

So, how do you achieve natural and pretty wedding makeup? Follow our step-by-step do it yourself wedding makeup guide and you'll look like the perfect blushing bride.

Do It Yourself Bridal Makeup For The Face


When you start doing your wedding day makeup, the first step involves concealer, foundation and powder. Apply foundation to your entire face with a foundation brush or sponge going sparingly on your forehead. Then use concealer to cover up any blemishes or under-eye circles and follow with a sweep of powder. Be sure to select a concealer that is one shade lighter than your skin tone and a foundation and powder that precisely match your skin tone.

do it yourself bridal makeup, do it yourself wedding makeupFor the creamiest look, choose mineral based foundation and concealer (like Loreal Bare Naturale or Bare Escentuals.) When you used mineral based foundations, you eliminate the powder step. Mineral foundations are also good because they won't irritate your skin.

Using a mineral foundation will also help to absorb any excess oil your skin may emit while you're having fun on your wedding day. You can find mineral foundation in both drugstores and department stores.

If you are lucky enough to have naturally flawless skin, you may be tempted to skip using base. But, on your wedding day, you'll want to use a base. It will keep your face from looking shiny and uneven in photographs.


Created in gel, liquid, mineral and powder forms, blush will give you a lovely glow on your wedding day. For your wedding day beauty, you should use a powder blush because it will be the easiest to blend.

When you apply blush to your skin, it should go on the apples of your cheeks. It's easiest to discern the apples of your cheeks when you smile, so grin a little while you sweep the blush on your cheeks. As you apply the blush, gradually brush the color upward and slightly downward until it is properly blended.

If you don't usually use blush, you might only want to use a small amount for your wedding makeup. Though you definitely aren't going for the clown look, you should use a little more blush than you would use on a normal day. The extra color will give you a glow in your wedding pictures.


Do It Yourself Bridal Makeup for Lips

Lip Liner and LipstickWedding Makeup, Bridal Makeup

Start lining your lips with a color similar to the one you've chosen for your lipstick. Line all around your lips, focusing especially on lining the bow of your mouth and below your lower lip. Then use your finger to blend the line towards the opening of your mouth. Sweep a pink or peach lipstick over your lips and finish with a touch of lip gloss to the center of your lower lip. The gloss will give your lips a pouty look.

Do It Yourself Wedding Makeup for Eyes

Eye Makeup Prep

Before you start applying eye makeup, first prepare your eyelids for shadow with a dot of foundation on each eyelid. Prepping your lids for color will help your makeup stay in place throughout your wedding day. After that, check your eyebrow area for stray hairs and pluck any that are out of line. You can also fill in any sparse places in your brows with a brow pencil. Be sure not to use a brow pencil that's too dark. A light brown shade will work for most people.

Eye Shadow

For your eye shadow, choose a tri-color makeup palette with hues made for your eye color. Almay makes some great eye shadow palettes that are formulated specially to compliment different eye colors. Generally, cool colored eyes like blue or green eyes contrast well with shades of brown or muted pinks. Warmer colored eyes like hazel or brown eyes look nice with plum or rosy shades. Use the softest color in the palette to highlight your browbone, apply the deepest color into the crease of your eye and then sweep the medium toned color to your eyelid until it reaches the crease.

Liner and Mascara

With a steady hand, run a dark brown or black eye liner pencil all along the rim of your top eyelid and then draw another line from the middle of your lower eyelid out to the edge of your eye. You'll be able to get a smoother and thinner line if your pencil has a sharp point. Instead of pencil eye liner, you can also use liquid eye liner for a more dramatic effect. With liquid eye liner, you'll use the same instructions as with pencil eye liner. To finish your eyes, sweep some dark brown or black waterproof mascara (in case you have some waterworks while saying your wedding vows) on your upper lashes.

If you apply the right makeup tips, you'll look beautiful on your wedding day without straying far from your natural look. Combined with your natural assets, makeup can highlight your best features and give you a pulled together look for your wedding day.