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Wedding Cupcake Cakes

Innovative wedding cupcake ideas you can use for your own cupcake wedding cake

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Nothing is sweeter than a cupcake.  Itís individually decorated and is the perfect dessert serving of cake. 

So itís no wonder why these days lots of brides choose wedding cupcake cakes for their weddings instead of a traditional large wedding cake. 

Displayed together wedding cupcake cakes can have the same dramatic look as a traditional cake while adding a unique and creative touch to your wedding.

Want to know more about wedding cupcake cakes? 

Read on as we go over reasons for using cupcakes for wedding cakes and ideas for wedding cupcake designs and displays.

Why Choose A Wedding Cupcakes Cake?wedding cupcakes cake, wedding cupcakes, wedding cake cupcakes

There are a myriad of reasons why brides choose cupcakes for weddings in lieu of one traditional wedding cake.  From cost savings to flexibility of design and flavor, see below for the top reasons to choose wedding cupcakes for a wedding cake.

Wedding cupcakes are trendy

Fresh and unique in appearance, wedding cupcake cakes are a very stylish substitution for a traditional wedding cake.  Also, they arenít as common as traditional wedding cakes so wedding cupcakes give your wedding a little something different. 

Cupcakes for weddings cost less

Wedding cake cupcakes also can be a lot less expensive than a full wedding cake.  Because your cake baker wonít have to assemble the cupcakes and the cupcakes wonít have fillings, the amount of manual labor is cut significantly.  It is also easier to decorate wedding cupcakes as opposed to one large cake.  For these reasons, using wedding cupcake cakes can be much more affordable than using a traditional cake at your wedding.

Wedding cupcake cakes allow you to be a little more innovative with display and design. 

wedding cupcake cake, wedding cupcake tiered cake, wedding cupcakesSince you are working with many small cupcakes instead of one large cake, you can even vary the wedding cupcake designs for each group of cupcakes you have.  Depending on the way you display your wedding cupcake cakes, you can have different icing colors as well. 

Another way that you can be more creative is to use more than one flavor for your wedding cupcake cakes.  You could have two or three different flavors of cupcakes and guests could choose they flavor that they prefer.

Ideas For Wedding Cupcake Designs

When it comes to wedding cupcake decoration, the possibilities are endless.  You could have wedding cupcakes decorated slightly differently along the same theme Ė like flowers, and you could pick four flowers and each cupcake could be decorated with a different one. 

You can also have all of your wedding cupcakes decorated the same way for a uniform look that is similar to the look of a traditional wedding cake.  When all of the cupcakes are decorated with the same icing designs, the overall effect is a dramatic one.

Another idea is to use monograms to decorate the cupcakes.  Each cupcake would have one color icing and then be topped with a monogram pick or an icing monogram.

You could also use your favorite candy to decorate the cupcakes for your wedding.  Nonpareils, sprinkles, candied flowers, chocolate shavings, edible gold leaf, ribbon candy, chocolate dipped fruit or even a classic candy like M&Mís (in your wedding colors) can be used to decorate wedding cupcake cakes.

wedding cupcake cakes, tiered wedding cupcake cakes, wedding cupcakesHow To Display Wedding Cupcake Cakes

There are lots of ways you can display your wedding cupcakes to make them look beautifully presented.  See below for our favorite ways of displaying wedding cupcake cakes individually or en masse.

Tiered Cupcake Wedding Cakes

The classic way to display wedding cupcake cakes is by using traditional wedding cake tiers and placing the cupcakes in bunches on each level, giving a layered look. 

Tiered cupcake wedding cakes can also be displayed with a large monogram or cake topper as the top tier or even a small wedding cake on the top tier.  As with regular wedding cakes, you can place flowers between the tiered cupcake layers for additional decoration.

Individual Wedding Cupcakes

Another way to display wedding cupcake cakes is to place each cake in a separate plate or in a decorative box.  If youíre using wedding cupcakes in addition to other desserts, itís good to wrap them individually so guests may take them home if they choose.

Wedding Cupcakes Cakes on Cake Stands

For a different display, try placing groups of cupcakes on cake stands at different heights.  You could have three different cake stands of different heights displayed with groups of cupcakes on each or you could use stands of different shapes or designs.  This is a good way of cupcake display when you have more than one cupcake flavor or design.