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Wedding Cakes With Fresh Flowers

Find ideas on decorating wedding cakes with flowers

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One inexpensive and easy way to decorate wedding cakes is with fresh flowers.  Wedding cakes with fresh flowers look beautiful and romantic. 

You can also save money when you use fresh flowers on your wedding cake because unlike edible flowers, your baker doesn't have to spend hours creating them. 

And no matter how nice fondant or gum paste flowers look, they don't capture the delicate fresh look of real flowers.

Whether or not flowers are a large part of your wedding theme, you can have a wedding cake with fresh flowers at your reception. Flowers look natural on wedding cakes and they will go with virtually any type of wedding decor.     

Read on and we'll tell you the most popular ways of using fresh flowers on wedding cakes so you can get the romantic look of flowers on your cake.

How To Display Fresh Flowers On Wedding Cakes

Once you decide to have a wedding cake with fresh flowers, you start thinking of how you want the flowers to appear on the cake.  Do you want flowers in a cascading design falling gracefully down the tiers of your wedding cake?  Or do you just want a bold bunch of flowers adorning the utmost tier of your cake?  Or you could also just place flowers here and there all over your wedding cake.

An important tip to keep in mind is that you want to use flowers that are either non-toxic or glazed with a protective coating to keep your cake edible.  Certain types of flowers are highly poisonous for people (like clematis, amaryllis and foxglove) and those kinds of fresh flowers should be avoided.  A few common flowers that are edible and won't cause harm to your cake include roses, violets, tulips and pansies.  You also want to make sure that the fresh flowers on your wedding cake haven't been sprayed with pesticides.  You can get pesticide free flowers from your florist.

There are lots of ways to display fresh flowers on wedding cakes, look over the different ways below and decide what look appeals the most to you.

Fresh Flowers Top Wedding Cakes

fresh flowers top wedding cake, wedding cakes with fresh flowers, fresh flowers on wedding cake topThe classic way to display fresh flowers on your cake is by using them as a makeshift wedding cake topper.  You can use just a few blooms together or you can have a decent sized bouquet of fresh flowers on top of a wedding cake. 

You could also use flowers to accent a wedding cake top that you've already chosen.  For example, a crystal monogram would look lovely with a few small flowers surrounding it. 

Attaching fresh flowers to the top of a wedding cake is easier than placing them anywhere else on your cake.  You can often just rest the flowers on the top tier of the cake with a small piece of parchment hidden beneath the flowers on the top tier to keep the icing intact.  To get the flowers to hold well, you can use a clear glaze to "glue" them to the wedding cake top or you could use a small amount of buttercream icing to affix the flowers in place. 

Wedding Cakes With Fresh Flowers Between Tiers

Another way you can use fresh flowers on a wedding cake is to have them placed between the individual tiers of your wedding cake.  Depending on how many tiers your cake has, this method may take more flowers than any other type of fresh flower placement. 

Once the cake is put together and separated by columns you can place bunches of flowers between the layers, which will hide the columns.  This look has a beautiful result because it appears that the cake layers are held up by the flowers in between.  Fresh flowers between wedding cake layers also gives a more modern look because they hide the tier separator columns.

This type of fresh flower cake decoration will only work if your cake has tiers separated by columns or some other type of separation.  If your cake tiers sit on top of each other without columns, you could place fresh flowers around the bases of each of the layers, but it won't appear as though the cake is held up by the flowers. 

Wedding Cake With Fresh Flowers in a Cascade

wedding cakes with fresh flowers, wedding cakes with flowers, wedding cakes with flower topYou can also display fresh flowers on your wedding cake by having them placed in a cascade down the different layers of the cake.  Wedding cakes with fresh flowers in a cascade have a very elegant and rich look. 

Proper placement of the flowers is key in this method. 

The trick is to have the flowers increase in size or quantity as they move down each of the layers of the cake.  This type of cake decoration with fresh flowers will work best on wedding cakes with tiers that sit on top of each other without columns. 

Another way to do a cascade of fresh flowers down a wedding cake is to do a scattered cascade.  This way, the flowers would follow down the cake in a scattered way with flowers placed here and there along the wedding cake tiers.  You can also do this with fresh rose petals instead of full blossoms.