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How To Decorate A Wedding Cake Table

Get wedding cake table decoration ideas that will enhance the look of your cake table

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The wedding cake table is often a focal point at wedding receptions.  And since everyone will stop to look at the wedding cake during the reception, the cake table is an essential part of your overall reception décor.  With that in mind, you need to figure out how to decorate a wedding cake table

wedding cake table decorations, wedding cake table decoration idea, how to decorate a wedding cake tableThere are lots of ways to decorate wedding cake tables, but you should use your overall wedding theme and décor as a guide. 

Having a garden wedding?  Try using fresh flowers to decorate the wedding cake table.  You can also use the cake’s theme as an indicator on how to decorate the wedding cake table. 

Does your cake feature bows or ribbons around each tier?  Use ribbon to decorate the cake table.  No matter what kind of wedding or cake you’re going to have, you can find a wedding cake table decoration idea that will work for you.  

Wedding Cake Table Decoration Ideas

Read on to discover our best wedding cake table decoration ideas and use them to make your wedding cake table a beautiful part of your reception décor.  

Tablecloth Decorations for Wedding Cake Tables

One of the simplest and easiest ways to decorate a wedding cake table is to use an interesting tablecloth.  Select a tablecloth that has a pattern or color similar to your wedding colors or the décor of your wedding cake.  Damask, floral patterns, stripes and polka dots all look lovely on wedding cake tables.  Just be sure to match the colors exactly so the tablecloth doesn’t stick out.  For example, if you’re having a spring wedding and your colors are lemon and white, consider using a tablecloth with yellow and white stripes. 

At the very least, you must use a plain tablecloth on the cake table.  It can be a base for other decoration. 

wedding cake table decoration ideas, wedding cake table, wedding cake table decorationsHow to Decorate a Wedding Cake Table With Flowers

Flowers are another easy way to add decoration to wedding cake tables.  You can use flowers that you’ve already used in the wedding ceremony, or you can use flowers specifically for the wedding cake table.  One way to cut costs is to use the bride’s bouquet and the bridesmaids’ bouquets as decoration for the cake table. 

You could also transfer aisle runners or other ceremony flowers to be used on the cake table.  Also, flower petals can be scattered all over the cake table.  You could scatter the flower petals and place a piece of glass sized to the table over the petals.

Other plants can also be used for wedding cake table décor.  Potted plants and small topiaries add some greenery to cake tables.  You can also place leaves under glass on a cake table.  Fern or palm fronds add greenery too.

Decorate a Wedding Cake Table Using Food Items

Candy can be used to decorate cake tables.  Candies (like Jordan almonds) on silver stands or in china bowls look lovely on a wedding cake table. 

Fruit like lemons, apples, pears or berries can also be used.  Artfully scatter groups of fruit around the table or place them in bowls.

Additional Wedding Cake Table Decoration Ideas

Think about your general wedding theme and décor and let your imagination go from there.  Here are some sample cake table decoration ideas for you to use.

You can use a photo of the bride and groom as décor for the cake table.  You can also place a collage of photos under a piece of glass on the cake table. 

For beach weddings, clean, scattered seashells, coral or driftwood will work. 

Candles are nice, but they may melt the icing so don’t use them for a wedding cake table.  If you want to add light to the table, consider using battery operated votives or hang a battery operated paper lantern above the cake table.  You can place a mirror beneath the cake to amplify the light.

Also consider using something other than a traditional table.  You could display your cake on a column or on the top of a wood barrel or wagon for a country wedding. 

Another way to make the wedding cake table stand out is by hanging something on the wall behind the cake table, like a fabric backdrop, a painting or photo.

If the cake serving set is particularly beautiful, you may want to display that next to the cake.

You could also cover older books with a decorative cloth and then place them in a small stack beside the cake.