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Instructions On Decorating A Wedding Cake

Easy instructions on how to decorate a wedding cake and use wedding cake decorations

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Even if you’ve done some baking before, you may not know how to decorate a wedding cake.  Icing the cake and applying cake decorations aren’t the kinds of things that you can pick up on if you don’t know how. 

So if you’re planning on doing your own wedding cake, you’re going to need wedding cake decorating instructions.  Though it can be a complex task, you can master wedding cake decorating techniques that will make it easy for you to decorate your cake. 

Want to know where to start?  Below we give you easy to follow instructions on decorating a wedding cake and tips on edible wedding cake decorations.  Read on and get started on the first steps of decorating your own wedding cake.  

Easy Instructions On Decorating A wedding Cake

Here we go over typical instructions for decoration a wedding cake.  We don’t go into specific techniques (like creating roses out of icing) because the easiest thing for you to do is frost the wedding cake and then apply pre-made cake decorations to the cake.  This will save you hours of learning how to make cake decorations and the final product will be much better.  There are lots of places to buy cake decorating items online.

  1. The first step to decorating is to put icing or fondant covering on the wedding cake.  If you’re using buttercream or royal icing, apply a thin coat of icing first and then refrigerate.  Then apply icing on the sides of the cake and frost the top of the cake.  Take your time and apply as much icing as it takes to make the cake appear smooth. If you’re using fondant, sprinkle cornstarch on your baking surface and roll the fondant out until it’s wide enough to cover the cake.  Place the fondant sheet over the cake and gently smooth it to the sides of the cake with your hands.  Cut away excess fondant with a sharp knife.

  2. Next, decorate the sides of the cake layers and pipe on any icing borders that you will be using.  If the wedding cake is tiered, assemble the next tier.

  3. Then apply edible wedding cake decorations or other décor (like live flowers) to each tier by using buttercream or royal icing as “glue” to secure the decorations to the cake. 

  4. The final step is to apply wedding cake decorations to the top tier of the cake.  Whether you’re using a wedding cake topper, fresh flowers or edible decorations, you can affix the item with buttercream icing.

Edible Wedding Cake Decorations

Candied Flowersedible wedding cake decorations, wedding cake decorating, how to decorate a wedding cake

Though icing flowers are nice, you can’t beat nature when it comes to the beauty of real flowers.  Candied flowers are real flowers that are dusted with sugar.  These edible wedding cake decorations come in a variety of different types – violets, lilacs, roses and pansies are some of the most common flowers. 

You can make candied flowers, but if you want flowers that are perfectly done, consider buying from an online source that specializes in candied flowers for wedding cake decorating.  You can apply candied flowers to your wedding cake by placing them on top of soft buttercream icing or adding a small amount of icing to the back of each flower and placing it on the cake.


This edible wedding cake decoration is a sweet almond paste that is sculpted into shapes like flowers or fruit.  Unlike fondant or gum paste decorations, marzipan is quite tasty.  Marzipan cake decorations come in almost any shape you can think of.  You can find some marzipan designs in cake decorating stores, but the best selection of marzipan is available only from online stores. 

If you’re wondering how to decorate a wedding cake using marzipan flowers, it’s very easy.  You can apply these decorations by using icing as “glue” or you can place the decorations on the cake and secure them with a clear glaze.  


Chocolate curls and chocolate shapes are very popular for wedding cakes.  They give an interesting look to cakes and they taste good too.  You can easily make chocolate curls by using a block of chocolate and a vegetable peeler.  Chocolate shapes can be bought online or from some candy stores.  Chocolate decorations will affix easily to soft buttercream, so there’s no need to “glue” them on.

Tips On Wedding Cake Decorating Instruction


Take time and practice your wedding cake decorating techniques by following the wedding cake decorating instructions again and again.  Just like learning anything else, wedding cake decorating has a learning curve and you’ll get better with each practice session. 

Work with the right temperature

Icing and other wedding cake decorating items will be easier to work with if they are at the right temperature.  Warm buttercream won’t hold designs and warm chocolate will melt!  Make sure that your decorating supplies are the right temperature before you start using them on your cake.

Know your icing tips

There are several different types of tips that you can attach to a pastry bag for cake decorating.  Tips come in many shapes and sizes and are usually classified by the shape of their opening.  If you buy an icing tip set, familiarize yourself with the different tips and the icing shapes that they can make.