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Summer Wedding Flowers

Find ideas and tips on summer wedding centerpieces and summer wedding bouquets

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Summer is a great season for weddings.  When you have a summer wedding, you should let the feelings of the season guide your wedding flower choices.  And there are lots of ways to incorporate the warmth of summer into your wedding flowers.  Punchy colors, cool greenery and playful accents give summer wedding flowers a little kick. 

Whether your wedding is a beach side bash, a garden gala or a country club affair, you can use a few creative touches to summer-ize your wedding flowers.  Below we go over ideas from centerpieces to summer wedding bouquets.  Keep reading and find some tips to add a summery feel to the floral arrangements at your wedding. 


summer wedding bouquet, summer wedding flowers, wedding bouquet summerSummer Wedding Bouquets

There are many different types of flowers that you can use for your summer wedding bouquet.  Some of the best flowers for summer wedding bouquets are hydrangea, lilies, peonies, daisies, sunflowers, roses, gardenias, magnolias, delphiniums, dahlias, orchids and wax flowers.

Give new life to summer wedding bouquets with bright color and fun detail.  Either go with monochromatic color for your bridal bouquet (like shades of blue) or mix and match bold beachy hues like coral and yellow. 

You can also give something extra to your summer wedding bouquet by using colorful patterned ribbon to tie your flowers together. 

Ribbon in a polka dot, striped or gingham pattern adds a little pop and charm to summer bouquets.  You can also use decorative details like small wired butterflies or shells in your bridal bouquet.

Smaller bouquets are appropriate for most summer weddings as big bouquets tend to wilt more easily.  You also want to keep your flowers looking light and natural, so stick with bouquet shapes like organic, round or small cascade.  A group of blue hydrangea, scabiosa and stephanotis tied with a gingham ribbon or a loosely tied bunch of white daisies makes a perfect summer wedding bouquet.

summer wedding flowers, flowers for summer weddingsSummer Wedding Centerpieces

There are lots of ways to bring the warmth of summer into your wedding.  For summer wedding centerpieces, the ideas are fun and bright.  From eye catching fruit accents to cute collections of potted blooms, summer wedding flowers add character to warm weddings.

One idea for summer wedding centerpieces is to add fruit to the mix.  Lemons, limes, bowls of berries or baskets of peaches can be placed in or around centerpieces.  Citrus looks lovely when placed in the bottom of vases while berries and peaches look nice surrounding floral arrangements. 

You can also use a hollowed out watermelon, honeydew or cantaloupe as an interesting vase.

To give summer wedding centerpieces a little dimension, consider displaying single blooms in a collection of small pots, bowls or vases.  A collection of bowls with each featuring a single magnolia looks elegant as centerpieces.  You can also use low containers filled with grasses to accent taller flower arrangements.

Tips for Summer Wedding Flowers

When you start putting together the flowers for your summer wedding, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.  See our top tips for summer wedding flowers below. 

Donít choose off-season flowers

When you select your flowers, choose varieties that are blooming in summer.  Flowers that arenít in season for summer are more likely to wilt and discolor in the heat.  Flowers that are seasonal in your area or in similar climates (like orchids or roses) will work best.   

Have fun with color

Summer wedding flowers can be as bold and bright as you want them to be.  Go for a combination of punchy brights or mix brights with pastels for a more subdued look.  Color combinations like coral and turquoise, orange and light green or hot pink and navy blue look fresh for summer.  You can also choose a monochromatic collection of flowers like a mixture of pink or lavender blooms.    

Keep your flowers fresh

Because youíll be dealing with summerís heat and humidity, you need to keep a watchful eye over your wedding flowers on the big day.  Make sure that bouquets and centerpieces get plenty of water and are spared from extreme heat conditions as much as possible.  Keep flowers in refrigeration or air conditioning as long as possible before you walk down the aisle.  Also, place bouquets into water when youíre not using them.