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Men's Platinum Wedding Rings

Why are Platinum Wedding Rings a Good Choice for Men?

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Platinum Wedding Rings Have:

Strengthplatinum wedding rings, mens platinum wedding rings, platinum wedding ring

Most men do some kind of work with their hands from time to time.  Mowing the yard, fixing a car, putting together furniture, heavy lifting Ė all of these things are considered to be ďmenís jobs.Ē 

With the amount of possible wear and tear on a ring, itís sensible that platinum is the preferred metal for menís wedding rings.  The reason is that platinum is a strong a durable metal. 

About 1.7 times as dense as 24 karat gold, platinum will stand up to wear and tear better than other jewelry materials.  Platinum does scratch, but when it is scratched the metal is only displaced rather than lost completely, as is the case with gold.


The Attractive Appearancemens wedding rings, mens platinum wedding ring, platinum wedding rings of Platinum

The bright white color of platinum makes it an attractive metal for menís wedding rings.  Platinum is unique to other metals because of its unmistakable white sheen.  Where as some people canít wear yellow gold because of the look of it against their skin, platinum looks good no matter what type of skin tone you have. 

Platinum is also a good base for any type of embellishment that you might want on your wedding ring.  Diamonds, gemstones and other metals look exquisite on a platinum wedding ring.


The most expensive wedding rings for men are platinum wedding rings.  Why?  Because jewelers and a large portion of the general public deem platinum to be the best metal for jewelry.  Itís the strongest metal you can use for a wedding ring and jewelers like to work with it. 

Also, being the most expensive type of material for menís wedding rings, platinum gives a certain prestige to the men who wear it. You don't have to overpay though - if you shop around in stores or online you can often find an inexpensive platinum wedding ring.



Tips for Selecting Men's Platinum Wedding Ringsmens platinum wedding rings, platinum wedding rings, mens wedding rings 

Consider Everyday Style

When you select a menís platinum wedding ring, think about what you wear everyday.  Are you a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy?  Or do you wear a suit and tie to work daily?  Let your everyday style guide you when selecting a platinum wedding ring.  If youíre a casual person, choose a simple design.  If youíre a bit more formal, choose a band with the intricate designs that work so well with platinum.


Donít Feel You Have to Match

Just because your partner has a yellow gold wedding band, it doesnít mean that you have to have one also.  Let your personal preference prevail when choosing your wedding ring, after all, youíre the one who will be wearing it.  Also, platinum does tend to be more expensive than gold.  If your partner objects to a platinum wedding ring, remind her that she gets two rings while youíll only be wearing one. 


Pay Attention to Patterns

Thereís no reason why menís platinum wedding rings canít be just as unique in design as womenís rings.  Platinum is very pliable and can be used for complex jewelry designs.  Platinumís natural density makes it easy to work with, so choose a design that fits your personal style and donít be afraid to get a pattern or custom embellishment on your wedding ring.  Rope patterns, weaving vines or cris-crosses patterns can all be easily achieved with platinum.


Check for Comfort

Unlike women, most men have never worn a ring for a long period of time.  So, itís vitally important that the ring theyíll wear for the rest of their life is comfortable.  Wearing any ring for the first time will feel a little different, but make sure that your wedding ring doesnít make you uncomfortable due to a tight fit or rubbing on your other fingers.   

mens platinum wedding ringsCleaning a Platinum Wedding Ring

As the years go by, platinum does not fade, but it does develop a patina. The polished sheen turns into a satin-like appearance.  Many people prefer the patina to a polished look.  If you like your ring to be as shiny as the day you bought it, you can go over it periodically with a polishing cloth and go to your jeweler frequently for professional ring cleaning.

If youíve chosen a menís wedding ring with diamonds or other embellishments, forgo the natural patina of platinum.  The brilliance of the stones in your ring will be worth passing up the patina for regular polishing at your jeweler.