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How to Take Great Engagement Photos - Tips You Can Use

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Before you have your engagement pictures taken, you should decide on a few things to ensure that your photos turn out just the way you want them. A few things to consider:

What style engagement pictures do you want?

Outdoor or studio?  Casual or formal?  Candid or posed?  Think of your personalities and how you would like to share the news of your engagement with your family and friends. You might even want to include an engagement photo with your wedding invitations.  Then, consider what style of photography would best match that and discuss with your fiancť. 

What types of engagement pictures?

Do a search on the internet for both engagement photos and engagement pictures or check out other links on this webpage and then print out a few to bring them with you to your engagement session.  There are literally thousands of sample photos online.  Having three or four that you like will provide your photographer some extra ideas to use.  You should also talk to your recently married friends and inquire if they liked their engagement photos and what they did for theirs.

Amateur or professional photographer?

engagement pictures tips, engagement photo tipsIf your budget allows, hire a professional photographer.  They have the experience to create great photos for you just the way you want.  However, if your budget does not allow for this, instead of having no photos taken, try to find a friend who has some photography skill who will take your photos.

If you are using a friend for the pictures, avoid an indoor photo shoot.  Have an outdoor photo session as the sun is setting in the evening.  Make sure there is not any direct sun shining on you.  Find a park or a beautiful location.  If needed, take some test photos to see what the lighting and location look like and then go back another time for the actual photo session.

Should You Hire a Wedding Photographer?

Many wedding photographers will include an engagement session if you purchase a wedding photography package.  It is a ideal way for you to audition a photographer to see how comfortable you are with them.  If you are having engagement photos taken in the same location where the wedding will be, and you are hiring a professional photographer for your wedding, then you should strongly consider using the same photographer for your engagement photo session.


It is extremely important that you relax in front of the camera. In fact, this is the key to a successful photo shoot.  Donít get overwhelmed with the details of the photo session and how you think you look.  You should instead focus on your partner and your love for him or her.  Try to relax and enjoy being together. If your photographer has posing suggestions, enjoy yourselves and have fun while posing.

If a friend is taking your photos you have a better chance of creating excellent photos by going out and having a fun, relaxed, photo session than going for a serious, posed session.  Should  you need to have another photo session because the first one didnít turn out well, don't worry.  Consider it another opportunity to spend more time with the one you love.

What Should You Wear?

You should definitely try to coordinate your clothing.  Whether it is tans or whites or other colors, make sure you are coordinated. Good luck with you photos!