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Tips on planning, choosing co-ed wedding shower invitations and invitation wording

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Instead of going for a “girls only” wedding event, lots of trendy couples are making their wedding showers co-ed.  Also known as Jack and Jill or couples showers, co-ed wedding showers put a new spin on the traditional bridal event. 

By adding men to the guest list, you’ll take your wedding shower in a different direction.  Instead of a feminine luncheon or tea party, you can mix it up with a more modern theme. 

Not sure how to start planning a co-ed shower?  Not to worry, read on and find out how to do everything from initial planning through co-ed wedding shower invitations and wording.

Co-ed Wedding Shower Planning

Unlike traditional bridal showers, co-ed showers generally have more of a party atmosphere.  This aspect will affect the overall theme and activities for the shower.  A co-ed wedding shower will still revolve around giving the bridal couple gifts; but other than that, you can plan it like any other party.    

Think of a theme that would appeal to both the male and female guests and start from there.  A backyard barbeque, Hawaiian luau, cocktail party, wine tasting, Mexican fiesta, pool party or beach get-together are all good themes for a co-ed shower.

How to Choose Co-ed Wedding Shower Invitations

When you choose the invitations for a co-ed wedding shower, you want to make sure that they represent the theme of the party.  You also want to be sure that the invitations aren’t too feminine and they communicate the fact that the wedding shower is co-ed.  One way to do this is to choose co-ed wedding shower invitations in unisex colors.  You may love carnation pink, but if you send out a pink shower invitation, it may turn some of your male guests off.  Think about using colors like green, blue, yellow, red, or orange.  You could also use patterns like polka dots, animal print or stripes.

co-ed wedding shower gameGames for Co-ed Wedding Showers

The activities for a co-ed wedding shower will also be a little different.  Bridal bingo may be fun for all girls showers, but it’s a given that guys probably wouldn’t want to participate in that type of game. 

Arrange a few more physical activities like volleyball or ultimate Frisbee.  You can also plan some team games like Pictionary or charades.  Team the men and women against each other for a fun rivalry.  Depending on what type of party you’re planning, karaoke can also be fun.

There are also games that are specifically for co-ed wedding showers.  The Not-Quite-Newlywed game can be fun.  It consists of the bride and groom answering a list of questions before the shower and then allowing the guests to guess at their answers.  Another fun game for co-ed wedding showers is Guess the Kiss.  This game takes place with the bride blind-folded.  All of the male guests get a number and take turns kissing the bride on the cheek.  After everyone has had a turn, the bride must guess which kiss was from the groom. 

Co-ed Wedding Shower Invitation Wording

The wording for co-ed wedding shower invitations doesn’t have to be prim and proper.  It just needs to communicate to the guests the when, where, who, what and why of the party in a fun way.  No matter what kind of wording you use, the most important thing is to let guests know that the party is co-ed.  Be clear in your wedding shower invitations that both men and women are attending.  You want guests to feel comfortable and so the co-ed theme shouldn’t be sprung on your guests as a surprise. 

Wording Examples

Bride’s name and Groom’s name
are getting married!
Come join us at a couple's shower
and provide the couple with gifts
they will use together
Taking place
on(date) at (time)
(location) (address)
Regrets only
(host’s name and telephone number)

Please join us at a Beachside Couples Shower
for (Bride’s name) and (Groom’s name)
We’ll have fun in the sun while showering them
with gifts and good wishes
On (date) at (time)
(location) (address)
Hosted by (host’s name)
(telephone number)