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Cash Wedding Registry

Learn benefits of a cash registry and how to ask for monetary gifts for your wedding

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cash wedding registry, online wishing well, monetary gifts weddingMany engaged couples start a gift registry for their wedding.  But what if you already have a fully furnished home or (gasp!) you donít actually want any traditional wedding registry items?  In that case, thereís one gift that everyone needs and appreciates - cash. 

The truth is most brides and grooms prefer cash, but they donít know how to ask for money as a wedding gift because they think that it will come out sounding crude.  So, how do you ask for monetary gifts for your wedding?  The easy answer is by opening a cash wedding registry. 

Nowadays you can open a free cash wedding registry online from a cash registry company (like Wishing Well.)  This way you can let your guests give you monetary wedding gifts in an easy and appropriate way.  Lots of guests already give monetary wedding gifts in the form of checks or discreet envelopes handed to the bride and groom on their wedding day. 

Online cash wedding registries make it even easier by giving guests a secure and simple way to give monetary gifts.  Also, by registering at an online cash registry, youíll be subtly letting guests know you prefer to receive cash in lieu of traditional registry gifts.

How To Ask For Money As A Wedding Gift

You may be thinking: ďthatís great, but how do I actually ask for money as a wedding gift?Ē  Well, hereís how it works.  First you get registered online with a free cash wedding registry.  The sign up usually only takes a few minutes and just involves entering basic information. 

Next you start spreading the word that youíre registered Ė and this is where monetary wedding gifts etiquette comes in.  Itís not inappropriate to ask for money as a wedding gift, the key is to do it in a polite and subtle manner. 

You can place your cash registry information on your personal wedding webpage, on an insert in your bridal shower or wedding invitation or you can let people know about your cash registry by word of mouth.  The key is to refrain from ďaskingĒ for cash, rather if people want to know what you want as a wedding gift, you subtly let them know.   

Benefits of Having a Cash Wedding Registry

Itís easy to set up your cash wedding registry.  Instead of spending hours in retail stores scanning items to add to your registry, you can complete your cash wedding registry in a matter of minutes.  That way you donít have to agonize over what to put in your registry and youíll have more time to spend on other part of your wedding.

Your cash registry is FREE to create.  Usually when you sign up there is no charge to create your registry.  However, there are often charges for retrieving your money.

You end up with what you really want.  Whether you already have all of your household essentials, you want to put money towards a big purchase (like your honeymoon or a mortgage note) or you prefer cash so you purchase what you like, a monetary registry gives you the flexibility of using your wedding cash to get what you really want.  You also avoid the possibility of receiving unwanted or duplicate gifts.

You can access money from as soon as itís gifted to you.  People may send you cash gifts throughout your engagement with monetary registries.  Unlike checks that you receive at your wedding reception, you can use the money gifts in your account whenever you want to.  That means you could easily use the money to help pay for your honeymoon or other aspects of your wedding.

Having a cash registry is easier on your guests.  When you register for monetary gifts, you save your guests from the hassle of buying gifts.  Typically, your wedding guests start by having to wonder what to get you, and then shop, wrap gifts and haul them to your wedding site.   With a cash wedding registry, guests can simply log in and give you a cash gift without ever stepping foot in a store. 

You use the monetary gifts as you see fit.  Instead of tradition or society telling you what you should register for, with a cash registry you can use gifts toward whatever you choose.  You can use the cash towards a future vacation, a down payment on a home, for paying off debt, a new car or whatever else you could possibly want.  You make the choice and nobody decides for you what you should want.   

Youíre not limited to the prices and products in stores.  Retail or online store registries are always limited to what products are in stock and the prices that the store has set.  With a cash wedding registry, your guests can spend as much or as little as they want and not be confined to the narrow choices of a store.   

Monetary registries eliminate the possibility of carrying around checks on the day of your wedding.  Many guests want to give cash in lieu of gifts anyway and theyíll bring checks or cash to your wedding.  That means you may be carrying around hundreds of dollars in checks and cash during your already busy wedding day.  Anytime you carry around large sums of money, the opportunity for loss or theft is present.  With this type of registry, the cash is safely deposited into your account, so you avoid the risk and hassle of carrying cash gifts on your wedding day.  

Monetary Wedding Gifts Etiquette - Do's and Don'ts

Do use an online cash wedding registry system (like Wishing Well.)  This will make it easier on you and your guests.  And your cash will be secure.

Do write a thank you card.  Just because youíre registering for cash doesnít mean that you shouldnít thank your guests for each gift you get.  Itís also a nice touch to let guests know what you plan to purchase with the monetary gift.

Do give guests a choice.  Register for money for your wedding, but also register for a few items at a traditional registry.  Most guests would probably rather gift cash because itís much easier, but it is nice to give people the choice.

Donít feel bad about opening a cash wedding registry.  Monetary gifts have been considered proper and acceptable for hundreds of years and are the preferred gift in many cultures.  For example, in Korean tradition wedding guests present the couple with envelopes containing cash at the wedding reception, and in Poland it is customary for guests to pin money to the brideís veil as a gift. 

Do remember that itís the thought that counts.  Many people ask ďwhatís the average money gift for a wedding?Ē  The answer is that there is no average because it varies greatly based on the relationship to the bride and groom.  For instance, close family and friends like your siblings or best friends may give you anywhere from fifty to hundreds of dollars.  While general acquaintances like your lunch buddy at work will typically give up to a hundred dollars at most.  No matter how much people give, your appreciation for the gift should still be the same.