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Unique Bridesmaid Bouquets

Fresh looks and unique ideas for bridesmaid bouquets

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bridesmaid bouquets, bridesmaid bouquet, bridesmaids flowersWhen you start thinking about your wedding flowers, most of the focus is on your bridal bouquet.  But there’s another set of bouquets that you also need to think of – your bridesmaids bouquets.  These flowers are an important part of your wedding ceremony because they honor each bridesmaid with her own individual flowers and they add to the overall beauty of the ceremony. 

You can also use bridesmaid bouquets after the ceremony in a large arrangement or individually placed in key areas around the reception (like at the guestbook signing area.)

Though they usually mimic the style set by your bridal bouquet, you can find ways to make bridesmaids bouquets unique and special in their own right. 

With thoughtful flower choices and other touches, you can give your bridesmaids unique bouquets that compliment your bridal bouquet, make your maids happy and add beauty to your wedding. Read on to discover tips and ideas on unique bridesmaid bouquets for your wedding. 

Ideas for Unique Bridesmaid Bouquetsbridesmaid bouquet, unique bridesmaid bouquets, bridesmaid bouquet ideas

Much like the mindset for choosing bridesmaids dresses, the idea for bridesmaids bouquets is that all of the other wedding flowers should complement, not compete with the bridal bouquet. 

 But that doesn’t mean that bridesmaid bouquets have to be boring.  There are lots of ways in which you can have unique bridesmaid bouquets that compliment your bridal bouquet and overall floral vision.

One of the best ways to make your bridesmaid bouquets unique is with color.  You can have the bouquets be all of the same color, or you can give each bridesmaid a bouquet of a different color.  You can also go with a monochromatic approach and have each bridesmaid carry a bouquet of a different shade of the same color. 

Another option is to choose bridesmaid bouquets that contrast sharply with your bridal bouquet color.  For example, if your bridal flowers were dark red, you could have each maid carry bright white flowers. 

An additional way you can make your bridesmaids bouquets unique is by using the same color for each bouquet, but make it with different flowers.  For example, you could have the bouquets made with roses, tulips, peonies, carnations and sweet peas all in the same shade of pink. 

You can also incorporate other touches to make your bridesmaids bouquets unique.  Distinctive ribbons tying each bouquet - think different patterns in the same shade like blue gingham, blue polka dots and blue stripes – can make bridesmaids bouquets different.  You could also add a special charm on each bouquet. 

Bridesmaid bouquets often mimic the shape and color of the bridal bouquet and are just in different form.  Another way to make these bouquets individualized is to have bridesmaids carry pomanders, wear flower wreaths or carry mini bouquets in the same shape and color as your bridal bouquet.   

bridesmaid bouquet, rose bridesmaid bouquets, bridesmaid flowersFlowers for Unique Bridesmaids Bouquets

You can really use any kind of flower you want in your bridesmaid bouquets, but some are more popular than others.  First consider which flowers will go along with your wedding theme.  If none particularly stand out, go for the flowers that will give you the look you want at the lowest cost. 

Tulip bridesmaid bouquets are inexpensive and work well with bridesmaid gowns that have slimmer silhouettes.  Roses, gerbera daisies and lilies are also very popular because they come in an array of colors.

Tips for Unique Bridesmaid Bouquetsbridesmaid bouquet, unique bridesmaid bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets

While you should feel free to be creative and unique with bridesmaid bouquets, there are also a few general rules that you should follow.  Keeping these rules in mind will assure that the bridesmaid bouquets are appropriate and also that they look good. 

Keep in mind the color of the bridesmaids dresses when choosing flowers for the bouquets.  An easy rule of thumb is to just keep bridesmaids bouquets in the same colors as the rest of your wedding décor.  Some brides (especially those working with a color scheme consisting of only two hues) may find that rule too restrictive. 

But even if you’re not matching the bouquets to the rest of your wedding décor, they should compliment the color of the bridesmaids dresses.  Certain combinations will pop and look good while others will clash.  To make sure that your bridesmaid bouquets will work with the dresses, bring a photo of the dress or a swatch of fabric to your florist.  That way, she and you can decide on flowers that will compliment the color scheme.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you don’t want to overload your bridesmaids with bouquets that are too large.  If you’ve chosen bridesmaid dresses that are made of a thin fabric or follow a slim silhouette, keep the bouquets small.  For bigger skirts and longer gowns, you can do a larger and more showy bridesmaid bouquet.