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Popular Bridal Bouquet Styles

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bridal bouquet shapes, bridal bouquet, bridal bouquet stylesYou probably already know about the different wedding gown silhouettes like Empire or A-line, but did you also know that bridal bouquets styles and bridal bouquet shapes come in different forms? 

It's amazing how the same combination of flowers can look very different depending on the shape of the arrangement.

Shape comes into play for your wedding centerpieces and other flowers, but the most important place where shape and style affect your wedding flowers is in your bridal bouquet.

When you choose your bridal bouquet shape, you’ll want to make sure that it blends with your wedding theme.  For example, a pageant bridal bouquet style wouldn't look right with a minimalist wedding where a simple round or loose shaped bridal bouquet would look quite lovely. 

You'll also want to make sure that your bridal bouquet flatters the look of your wedding gown. With a complimentary shape, your wedding flowers will lend a beautiful look to your wedding ceremony and be your ultimate bridal accessory.

No matter what the theme for your wedding is, you’ll find that there’s a bridal bouquet shape that works for you.  Once you become familiar with the 7 most popular bridal bouquet styles, you’ll easily be able to talk to your wedding florist about the type of bouquet you want.

Check out the 7 most popular wedding flower shapes below and find which one is right for your bridal bouquet.

round bridal bouquet, wedding bouquet, bridal bouquet shape
Round Bridal Bouquet Shape

Round bridal bouquets are simply bouquets arranged with flowers set in a round or globe shape.  The round shape is the most popular form for bridal bouquets.  Although the round shape is a standard arrangement for wedding flowers, it is very versatile.  Elegant and timeless, round bridal bouquets work well for both formal weddings and informal affairs.

Loose Bridal Bouquet Shape

Loose bridal bouquets, often referred to as organic or hand-tied, have an air of relaxed beauty. As the name implies, loose bridal bouquets are essentially made by loosely tying the stems of flowers and greenery together with wire or ribbon. Bridal bouquets done in a loose style appear unfussy and are perfect for beach weddings and other more casual wedding ceremonies.

Crescent Bridal Bouquet Shape

Best suited for formal weddings, the crescent bouquet shape is a dramatic shape that consists of flowers and greenery arched from the center and then tapered at the ends.  Crescent bridal bouquets give the appearance of flowers naturally falling around your hands.  Crescent bouquets can be created with a symmetrical look or they can be done asymmetrically by arranging flowers in a graduated fashion for a more contemporary look.

Pageant Bridal Bouquet Shape

Characterized by long stems arranged in a sweeping fashion, the pageant bridal bouquet is created so that it can fit nicely into a bride’s arm.  Named for the way that a beauty queen carries her bouquet, the pageant shape can be used for formal or informal weddings.  If used for a casual wedding, the pageant shape should be done loosely to lend an organic and wispy look to the bridal bouquet.

Cascade Bridal Bouquet Shape

wedding bouquet, bridal bouquet shape, oval bridal bouquet
Often referred to as the waterfall shape, the cascade bouquet shape features great amounts of flowers at the base of the bouquet that taper gradually along the length of the bouquet. 

Giving the appearance of flowers spilling over the edge of the bridal bouquet, many brides favor the cascade shape.  Bridal bouquets done in a cascade form can be used for formal weddings or casual events.

Oval Bridal Bouquet Shape

Generally used for larger bridal bouquets, the oval shape is a combination of round and crescent shapes with rounded edges.  Oval bridal bouquets are best for brides who choose dramatic gown silhouettes (like the Ballgown silhouette.)  An oval bridal bouquet can be put together with a combination of several flowers, but the oval shape is boldest when it is created with just one type of flower.

Heart Bridal Bouquet Shape

Arranged in a dense heart shape, heart bouquets add a tender sweetness to your wedding flowers.  As the heart is the universal symbol of love, a heart shaped bridal bouquet is ideal for giving your wedding flowers a romantic quality.  If you select a heart shaped bouquet, include only one or two different flowers so the lovely heart shape of your bridal bouquet is clear.

Now that you've learned the different bridal bouquet forms, you can easily select one for your bridal bouquet.  Giving thought to your wedding theme and wedding gown, you're sure to choose a bridal bouquet that will be perfect for your wedding.